Team Development and Cohesion.

Drawing on our deep experience of group dynamics, we partner with leaders to understand what their team needs to achieve.

We assist new teams to form and align on strategic priorities, as well as more established teams to identify new strategic directions and priorities. We also work with leaders who are facilitating a cultural shift, addressing behavioural issues or tensions. Whatever the objectives, we develop engaging and interactive sessions for the offsite to successfully address the particular needs of each team. Our facilitators are exceptionally skilled at understanding beyond the words, facilitating the right conversations to address any hidden dynamics and enhance team performance.


Our team development workshops and offsite facilitation are designed to enable insightful group reflections and discussions. Our experience in group dynamics across diverse market sectors allows us to make this a powerful, transformative experience for all participants.

Each engagement is tailored and designed in collaboration with the team leader to deliver the most impactful experience.

A typical structure can include the following elements:

  • Individual interviews with each team member prior to the day to better understand group dynamics (explicit or implicit).
  • Proposal and design of a detailed agenda in collaboration with the team leader and informed by team preliminary interviews.

Facilitation of some or all of the following elements:

  • In-depth strategic planning session to help participants reflect on market environment and business context
  • Assisted design of mission, vision, strategic priorities and planning
  • Use of psychometric tools to map strengths of the team and develop interpersonal awareness
  • Reflections, discussions and activities to identify team dynamics, behaviours and required cultural shifts


Overall, we provide a variety of frameworks to prompt members of the team to reflect and discuss. We challenge and organise their thoughts and ideas, we hold a space for constructive debates and we ask the most pertinent questions for the team to reach clear decisions and outcomes.



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