From unconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion.


Enhancing inclusion in your organisation


Our 9-dimension framework provides objective and measurable dimensions to progress inclusion in your organisation


Our 360 instrument has been statistically validated to provide leaders’ the most accurate insights on their personal impact


Our pulse survey provides a clear analysis of the levers of change for any team or business embarking on the journey to enhance their culture of inclusion


Leaders self-assess and select day to day micro-actions to enhance their leadership and the culture they shape around them

Inclusion 2.0

Diversity has so far, largely been pitched through the lens of fairness and the achievement of identity group representation targets. This has delivered lukewarm results and it is time to change the language and the frame. The real lever of change is in the appetite leadership demonstrates for cognitive diversity and our ability to measure behaviours of inclusion objectively and pragmatically.
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“LeaderKey allowed me to continuously develop crucial leadership skills at my own pace.”

“LeaderKey helped me to clearly see the leadership capabilities that I need to work on and gave me the tools to actually doing something about it!”


Our 9-dimension instrument enables a level of self-awareness that is a critical catalyst for leaders to shift their behaviours from unconsciously excluding to consciously including. The tool has already been used by thousands of leaders which has enabled external statistical consultants to confirm both the validity and reliability of the instrument.

Inclusion Pulse

Use our extensive list of questions to design your own culture survey and measure the experience of your employees across 9 dimensions of inclusion. The survey brings tangible measures of success to any inclusion program initiatives to engage leaders and team members to compare their progress ‘before and after’.

Inclusion in Action

Using our LeaderKey portal, the Inclusion in Action module provides a scalable, yet personalised and tailored journey of practice and change to your leaders and team members.