Executive Coaching.

Our coaches have prior senior executive experience and have also received extensive training and accreditation in the practice of executive coaching.

They provide effective and relevant professional development sessions whilst also facilitating deeper personal insights into behavioural or cognitive changes. Some of our areas of expertise include: strategic acumen, influencing skills, communication and engagement, people management, career development, resilience and purpose.


Successful results in coaching are often achieved by challenging an individual's perspective on their environment, providing a different view and therefore supporting a change of approach when relevant. 360-degree surveys are very helpful in this context to provide feedback that would not have normally been volunteered by peers or other senior stakeholders.

To achieve this, our coaches can conduct face-to-face interviews with nominated stakeholders or use online 360 surveys as required.



Our coaching sessions support the development a range of key leadership skills including:

  • Strategic skills (ability to make meaning of a range of different trends impacting their business model or products)
  • Communication and presenting skills (ability to articulate powerful visions that engage a range of stakeholders)
  • Management and influencing skills (ability to effectively and inclusively lead through change and successfully influence multiple stakeholders)

Our experienced executive coaches are practiced and skilled in guiding individuals to develop a higher level of self-awareness and mindfulness, unveiling unconscious drivers and beliefs that underpin their own behaviours.

Overall, our coaching programs provide a safe environment to pause, reflect, visualise, plan and take actions for the coachee to enhance their career and leadership impact. Conversations are deeply personal but always remain within the context of professional, team and organisational performance.



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