Inclusion and Diversity Solutions.

Our approach aims to debunk the misconceptions about the benefits and hindrances of D&I dynamics.

Because our workshops are evidence-based, non-judgmental and encourage any viewpoints, we garner a great level of engagement, even from the most sceptical audience. We have developed the Inclusion360 model to identify and practice the 9 dimensions and behaviours of inclusion. This model offers a fresh perspective and practical tools to develop and measure inclusion.


Twenty years ago, expertise and experience largely determined a leader's success: in a stable market environment, this made sense.

Today, our industries and organisations are being constantly disrupted. Experience and expertise, even recent, are not necessarily enough to make the best strategic decisions for the future.

The new leadership model is collaborative, agile and inclusive, because leading inclusively is proven to maximise our organisations' capacity to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This requires a dramatic shift in the way we regard expertise, make decisions and engage a variety of people.



This new leadership approach is not intuitive. In fact, everything about the human brain works against principles of inclusion (looking for perspectives that are different to ours, seeking to debunk fast-thinking errors or associating with people who don't belong to our in-group). At Serendis, our passion is to support leaders to make that shift and influence cultures of inclusion. We have found that a non-judgemental, pragmatic and measurable approach works best. Too much inclusion and diversity work has been misinterpreted as blame on current leadership and we don't believe this delivers effective change.

We have developed a series of tools and a 9 dimension model to support leaders shift from unconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion. Our new Inclusion360 series is incredibly well received by organisations who seek to create a measurable framework to progress on this critical organisational development challenge.

“It is the first time in my career that the business case for diversity has been explained clearly and I now understand how important inclusion is for diversity to manifest positive results.”
“This session provided a nice and simple distillation of problems using great current research and data, practical examples, case studies, self-reflection, humility, and with a positive emphasis.”
“The content, practical activities, case study and brainstorming were all excellent and provided immediate insight into how inclusion actually works to unlock diversity.”
“This was an excellent awareness raising of important issues and explained inclusion very well by the great presenters,.This definitely needs to be spread to all.”
“Great facilitation of a sensitive topic. A well-oiled machine.”



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