Current Programs - Structured Mentoring.

Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) Mentoring Program

Since 2010, Serendis has facilitated the Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) Mentoring Program – an industry wide mentoring program that engages senior leaders in gender diversity initiatives and supports the professional leadership development of women in the finance industry. Across three states in Australia, more than 25 leading finance organisations participate in this program every year, putting forward some of their most senior executives as mentees and mentors.

The Drinks Association of Australia

Since 2017, the Australian Drinks Association in partnership with Serendis, has delivered an impactful cross industry mentoring program for their member organisations. The program is designed to support talented women develop their readiness for leadership roles while also educating senior leaders and influencers in the drinks industry on the benefits, enablers and barriers to women in their organisations and the sector. Over one hundred participants from 15 leading companies have participated to date.

Franklin Women Mentoring Program (Health and Medical Research sector)

Since 2017, Franklin Women in partnership with Serendis has delivered an impactful cross-sector mentoring program for the health and medical research sector. The structured program facilitates formal mentee-mentor relationships in the health and medical research field to address the under-representation of women in leadership positions.

The aim of the program is to support the career development of aspiring female leaders who already have a significant investment in their career and are looking to progress to leadership roles. The program also engage senior research leaders in the importance of gender-balanced leadership and the role they play in achieving this.

Property Council of Australia's Women in Leadership Program

In 2014, Serendis launched the Property Council of Australia’s Women in Property Mentoring Program. This established cross-industry mentoring program brings together several key players in the property industry in order to help promote an inclusive culture and develop women for senior leadership roles. Each year more than 100 participants across 15 organisations in both Sydney and Perth are involved in this highly successful program.



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