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The Serendis Career Returners Program provides access to a highly valuable, yet often unreachable talent pool for organisations looking to bring more senior, experienced women in to their workforce.

How do we attract women to our program?

Participants are generally attracted to our program due to the additional support that we provide over and above what is typically offered by traditional recruitment firms. Often participants are looking for additional guidance on how to re-establish their career and regain their confidence in taking the initial steps towards their next role. They are also attracted to our program because of the extensive network of clients that we are able to introduce them to.

What are the backgrounds of the women on our program?

Our participants have extensive and varied backgrounds and they have all held senior, professional roles for 12 or more years. They have typically worked in a range of industries including financial services, property, engineering, legal, retail, technology etc across a range of functions including strategy, sales, marketing, project management, finance etc. Many of them are also able to draw on experiences gained outside of their corporate career including start up's and volunteering. Their varied experiences enable them to bring a fresh and different perspective.

How can potential employers gain access to our program participants?

Once an employer has confirmed their desire to partner with Serendis as part of the Career Returner Program, they will be able to access our participants details through a number of channels, depending on their preferences.

We encourage our partners to share details of roles that they are actively recruiting for that could be suited to a career returner, we can also proactively share details of candidates that we recommend for an exploratory conversation.

In addition, all of our partners are given access to our portal that provides a summary overview of each of our participants and an opportunity to express interest for further information.

We work closely with each of our partners to understand their needs and priorities and suggest a key point person is appointed to integrate the program as a key channel for introducing diverse talent.

How do we work together to introduce the most suitable candidates?

As a way of promoting commitment to the Career Returners Program we can partner with employers to organise small, informal networking events where a selection of participants can hear from a selection of sponsors and representatives talk about their organisation and their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This gives both parties an opportunity to make connections and consider potential alignment. We would then help organise any follow up conversations and check references for a potential offer of employment.

What support do we provide to our program participants to help prepare them for their transition back to work?

Once a participant has accepted a position with one of our partners, we provide them with three transition coaching sessions to take place over their first three months of employment. These tailored sessions support their successful integration back in to the workplace with a key focus on developing resilience, re-establishing their networks and strategic influencing.

“The Serendis Career Returners Program has enabled us to create greater diversity in our short list of candidates, encouraging us to think differently about the skills and experiences that we need to successfully fill our roles. We have hired someone who has a distinctly different background to what we were looking for but their breadth of experiences and commitment has provided unexpected benefits.”



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