Our Powerful Digital Platforms


Mentoring program management tool

It can be challenging to administer a mentoring program. That's why we developed MentorKey, a simple-to-use online tool that we've tried and tested in-house, and continually enhance.

MentorKey covers all aspects of a mentoring program management, from inviting and reviewing applicants, skilfully matching participants, supporting them to have meaningful exchanges to event management and program-wide communication.

MentorKey supports program managers through the different steps of a successful program management. Our learning platform also supports participants through a series of interactive modules of learning to drive impactful and effective mentoring conversations.

After ten years of successful mentoring program facilitation, we have gathered all our knowledge and expertise to create a unique online platform that guides you and your participants through the very best mentoring structure.



Delivering real awareness and change in enhancing inclusive cultures

Based on our extensive experience in facilitating cultural and individual change, we have designed Inclusion 360 to help organisations measure their progress on developing an inclusive culture of leadership.

Inclusion 360 enables a level of self-awareness that is a critical catalyst for leaders to shift their behaviours from unconsciously excluding to consciously including.
This highly successful instrument is currently in final stages of validation.