Moving from anxiety towards vocation

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By Serendis

February 11, 2018

When I ask my clients about their hopes or goals for 2018 … the answer is unanimous.

They all promise to a have a quieter year, to be less stressed, to achieve a stable personal and emotional balance that allows them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. The stress that inhabits them throughout the year is latent and conscious but the deep anxiety that can generate this stress is more often unconscious.

At the beginning of the year, I invite you to deeply reflect on the roots of this stress. What are the needs or fears that feed this anxiety? By becoming aware of these messages sent by your unconscious cognition, you will be able to rationalize them (is this fear really rational? how does it manifest? can I recognise it and interrupt the associated stress?).

In any case, this awareness will also enable you to make decisions about your life, career or career choices. Reflect on your environment (would another organisational or management culture be better suited to my need for security or recognition?).

Every human being is unique and complex and your own messages will be very personal, built by your life experience, your influences and your loved ones.

Yet, often, this stress is fed by our basic needs:
– for security;
– for recognition or to please;
– to accomplish;
And the fears that accompany them:
– Fear of losing status or social influence;
– Fear of failure.

Exceptional leaders consciously manage these needs or fears in order to develop constructive leadership, driven by ambition, passion and purpose rather than anxiety or stress.
This month, lift the veil on your stress: what is it hiding? What are the messages that feed it?