Your leadership potential

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By Serendis

May 3, 2017

How do you demonstrate your leadership potential?

Does your outlook take into account long-term perspectives that may influence the current direction of your business, your industry, your clients, products or services? How do you develop insights into the macroeconomic, organisational, digital or human factors that will impact your business in the long term?

The answer is in your diary. Who do you meet? What do you read? Where do you travel? How do you gather information that will inform your strategic mindset? The greatest difficulty encountered by managers looking to develop their leadership potential is TIME. Too busy generating results, their perspective remains all too often operational or tactical.

The first step is to deliberately focus on the opportunities that will allow you to develop this strategic acumen. This requires a conscious and courageous change in your habits and priorities. For a time, this change will be uncomfortable. But think about leaders around you: how long do they really spend at their desk? What can sometimes seem like a waste of time is a crucial activity for our leaders: they spend a great part of their days meeting employees, colleagues and players in their sector, internal and external to their company. These conversations allow them to anticipate the trends that will affect their business model and constantly sharpen their strategic vision.

Challenge of the month: change your habits and prioritise at least three strategic catch-ups!