Serendis has expertise in facilitating executive leadership teams and board strategic sessions.

Our tailored approach is designed to foster stronger levels of cohesion, trust and accountability towards a clear purpose, vision and objectives.

Our background in the corporate world allows us to facilitate these strategic sessions with a real ability to challenge strategic thinking and distill a large amount of discussions into clear strategic directions. We are also passionate about team dynamics and bring a coaching approach to transform groups of individuals into high performing teams.

Our facilitation style ensures that a diversity of thoughts is taken into account, that all perspectives have been considered and that consensus is sought in a constructive manner. By prompting members of the team to reflect and discuss, we challenge and organise the thoughts and ideas produced by the team and ask relevant questions to reach clear decisions and outcomes.

We have worked with boards and leadership teams from a variety of organisations and always develop tailored agenda and content to meet the needs of each team.

#PsychologicalSafety is at the centre of our inclusive leadership work & we often reference the research of…
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