Dr Jeffrey Schwartz
Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity


Dr Jeffrey Schwartz is a research psychiatrist at the School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles and one of the world's leading experts in neuroplasticity. His area of research includes the philosophy of conscious awareness, the idea that the actions of the mind have an effect on the workings of the brain. His research has been widely published and he has written two books including the bestseller You Are Not Your Brain.

After receiving an honors degree in philosophy from the University of Rochester, Dr Schwartz developed a keen interest in the philosophy of mindfulness, or conscious awareness, which revolves around the central idea that the mind is an active participant in the world and that its actions have a physical effect on the workings of the brain. He thus set out to find a scientific underpinning for the belief that mindfulness affects how the brain functions, and in the 1990s finally made his key discovery at UCLA and developed a four-step cognitive behavioural therapy that proved that the mind is capable of actually changing the activity in a specific brain circuit.

Dr Schwartz is a mindfulness expert, an author and regular keynote speaker at the Mind & Its Potential Conference in Australia. He regularly applies his approach of "mind over brain" to the fields of business leadership and organisational behaviour through regular speaking engagements, written publications and workshop facilitation, visiting Australia multiple times each year.

After headlining a successful symposium on mindful leadership for Serendis in 2014, he facilitated a series of highly interactive focus workshops with Maud Lindley, Founding Director of Serendis, in 2015 specifically regarding important insights into the human brain, the mind and the neuroscience of mindfulness. Dr Schwartz works with leadership teams to use concepts of self-directed neuroplasticity, introducing his well-renowned four-step model to re-wire their brain and create new habits of resilience and other crucial leadership skills.

View the 4 step model here

View Dr Schwartz at the Mind & Its Potential Conference, 2015

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