The Career Returners initiative empowers professional women who are ready to return to work by offering them real roles within participating organisations.

The program incorporates group coaching, and the possibility to secure permanent employment.

Apply now by emailing your CV to Julie Thompson

The Career Returners Story

In 2016, Serendis Leadership Consulting facilitated the first cross-industry return to work initiative to be offered in Australia. We achieved great success in placing a cohort of high quality individuals within the Financial Services industry. This year we are looking to expand the program into other industries.

We are seeking applicants who have had a career break and are ready to engage with a corporate role. We know from our previous experience that some of you may be hesitant to approach recruiters or apply directly for roles so this program provides a transition back to work.

Who Should Apply?

  • Eligible candidates who have a minimum of 12+ years of quality corporate experience and are looking to return after 2+ years out of the corporate sector.
  • Candidates who are keen to reengage in a meaningful career in a flexible way. Flexible working has come a long way in the last few years, many potential candidates have found the attitudes and openness of the organisations we work with to be fresh and surprising on this front.

What kind of companies do we partner with?

  • Organisations looking to replenish the pipeline of women and men with diverse experience in their company and industry.
  • Organisations that understand the value of the high-caliber and untapped talent pool in the market so are willing to hire based on potential, transferable skill sets.

What's in it for the Returners?

  • A chance to rebuild professional confidence and networks
  • An opportunity to hone their value proposition through building a peer network and access to leadership training and coaching support.
  • Re-entering in a staged way, through a secondment program that will refresh their skills and add recent experience to their resume.
Career Returners

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • A short-listed cohort of applicants will participate in a one day Induction workshop to help them refine their value proposition and signature strengths.
  • Before any interviews with corporate partners the candidates will be provided with 1:1 support.
  • Once placed in a role, candidates will be provided with a series of cohort workshops.
  • Applications will be open throughout the year.
  • Apply through the Career Returners portal
  • Serendis Leadership Consulting will gather applications throughout the year
  • We will continue to process applications through the year on a rolling cycle
  • Inductions will occur throughout the year
  • Presentation to corporate partners of short-listed candidates throughout the year.
  • We see a gap, an unmet need in the market.
  • This work sits at the heart of what we do best and we believe it's important to provide a pathway for Career Returners.
Serendis Leadership Consulting are undertaking a large campaign to attract candidates. We will be reaching out to our 1500+ mentor and mentee networks in addition to promoting the Career Returners program through high quality membership organisations. We will also connect to candidates and organisations through a social media and traditional press campaign.

Career Returners is a completely different approach, we are flipping the regular recruitment process upside down. We will start by seeking out high quality candidates and then match them with corporations who will value their skills, experience and potential.

We are not recruiting for specific roles, rather we are working to find candidates with a gap in their resume and broad sets of critical experiences.

Serendis is working closely with a number of corporations to work through which parts of their businesses are open to creating secondments. We have several partners wanting to be involved. We will commit to engage with specific organisations once we assess the capabilities and experience sets of our 2017 Career Returner cohort.

We at Serendis Leadership Consulting will work with both the applicants and the companies to work out what each party is looking for and undertake a thorough matching process. We will be asking our corporate partners to provide us with a set of 'gate opening' criteria so we are clear what areas of the organisation they are open to placing secondees within and what skills and experiences they require.
The Career Returners program is seeking candidates with 12+ years of strong, high quality professional experience. We are happy to consider any candidate with more experience than that. The program aims to place women in professional, management and leadership roles. We are looking for candidates with a background in financial services, asset management, property, engineering, telecommunications, legal, project and program management, consulting, finance and front office/sales. However, if your experience set is in a different area to this, we are open to considering your application and will work with you to uncover where you might fit within our program.


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