Bianca Havas
Program Management & Group Facilitation


Bianca's breadth of experience and skills as a Senior Consultant, Coach and Facilitator has developed over more than twenty years working in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

After a decade as an advocacy campaigner leading complex projects for international environmental organisations including WWF, Greenpeace, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, she transitioned into the field of leadership consulting.

As an executive coach and facilitator, Bianca works with individuals and teams to help them drive their careers and become high performers. She has worked effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders and clients including government, corporate organisations and community groups. Her ability to understand and relate to people from a broad range of backgrounds and sectors has been an essential element in delivering successful multi-faceted projects.

For the past seven years at Serendis, Bianca has been instrumental in the development, delivery and growth of our industry mentoring programs.

She holds a Bachelor degree in communications from the University of Technology, Sydney and post-graduate qualifications in environmental management from the University of NSW. She is an accredited executive coach with Coaching Australia and an accredited facilitator of the Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument.

#PsychologicalSafety is at the centre of our inclusive leadership work & we often reference the research of…
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